In addition to acting for clients in all private law matters, Mrs Meyer-Vorwerk concentrates on the following:

Employment law

  • Action against unlawful dismissal
  • Representation at all industrial tribunals
  • Warnings under employment law
  • Design of employment contracts
  • Contracts for free-lancers
  • Vacation rights
  • Civil service (“Beamte”) law
  • Severe disability
  • Works agreements
  • Social plans
  • Arrangements for company transfers
  • Dismissal for operational reasons
  • Dismissal due to personal behaviour and attitudes
  • Employer’s right to issue instructions
  • Transferring staff to other jobs

Social law

  • Social tribunal proceedings
  • Health insurance claims
  • Claims against long-term care insurance
  • Minimum unemployment benefit ALG II
  • Care Housing Benefit
  • Rights of Severely Disabled People
  • Right to participate for severely disabled people
  • Claims agains the pension insurance (disability pension, old-age pension due to severe disabality)
  • Right to social compensation for damage to health (Federal Supply Act)
  • Child Benefit

Medical law

  • Disputes with statutory and private health insurance
  • Billing disputes in hospital law
  • Contract doctor and contract dentist law
  • Medical profesional law
  • Peofessional law of other health professions
  • Contract and company law of the health professions, including drafting contracts
  • Right to remuneration for health professionals
  • Hospital law including chief medical contract law
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device law
  • Pharmacy Law
Kristina Meyer-Vorwerk

Kristina Meyer-Vorwerk
born on 14.10.1973 in Haan (Rheinland)
married, 1 child


1993 - 1998 Read law at Westfälischen Wilhelms-University in Münster
1998 Graduated with 1st state law qualification
2001 Elective station at Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bundesverband e.V. in Bonn in the area
Severely Disabled People Help
2001 Graduated with 2nd state law qualification
2000 - 2002 Further legal training (Referendariat) at the regional court Essen (Landgericht)
2003 - 2009 Assessor of the legal department of a company health insurance fund, from 2008 as head
since 2009

Self-employed lawyer with main focus on medical law

since 2020 Lawyer at Dr. Foerster, Schäfer & Wiesner
2020 Completed specialization course for employment law


Legal Fields:
Employment law, Social law, Medical law